Los Coyotes Jeeping (8/29/99)

This was my first actual run. I met up with some XJ (Jeep Cherokee) 4X4 fanatics onlline. We went on an Indian reservation in Warner Springs, CA.

It had lots of different trails, and scenic mountains. Here are some highlights:


My 88 Cherokee, Clint's, Mark's

at the check-in station: $10 DOLLA!


Ray's, Mine (the small red one), Clint's, Mark's


My P205/75/15's look so tiny next to

Clint's 31" tires and Ray's 33" tires.


Ray airing down the 33's


And were off up the hill!


"Dead Cow Road"



A stocker flexing out!

a stock coil and shock

w/ a passanger tire!


Ray on the top of "Marshmellow hill"

Nice hood mounted antenna eh?

Jeep - There's Only One:

Another great shot of ray on "Ridge Road"


We turned around and went

back up the hill.


A view out my back window


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