Los Coyotes Jeeping (9/2/99)

Back The Weekend After. This time with
the San Diego 4-Wheelers,
and alot more jeeps, and even a Four letter 'F' word.

The line doubled back


closer shot of me


A Grand Cherokee

in the "Z-Turn"


Jim Cowling's

"BIG READ" in the turn.



What the heck is that in the

Z-Turn? That's not a Mopar brand!

This four letter 'F' word was a little to big, it got a

very large dent on the way out :(

Nice Suspension!


Liz Cowling (Jim's Wife)

in her Wrangler.

Look at them Rancho's!


This stocker needed

some help with traction.

So the guys piled on, and wound

up knee deep in mud.


My rear tire,

and Jim's front.


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