Yin & Yang's Stats

 Drivetrain  Suspension

  • Total Measured lift: 5.5"

  • Front Susp: Rusty's Off-Road 4.5" Lift Coils, Rubicon Express Extreme-Duty Trac Bar w/ Extreme-Duty Mount, Rubicon Express Adjustable Upper & Lower Superflex arms, Extra Stock Coil Isolator
  • Front Shocks: Skyjacker Nitros

  • Rear Susp: 5.5" Skyjacker soft-ride full replacement leaf packs w/ shim, 1.5" lift shackles from Rusty's Off-Road
  • Rear Shocks: 2 Rusty's Hydro-Shocks.

  • JKS Generation 2, QUICKER Disconnects

  • Rubicon Express Heavy-Duty 1/4" steel lower control arm mounts

  • Removed rear sway bar

  • RE drop brackets w/ braces in the box, time to put those on! ?

  • Steering: Complete Currie Enterprises Heavy Duty Tie Rod/Draglink System (made from 1.25" chromemoly)
  • Grant Classic Steering Wheel. Black cushion grip with chrome spokes. 13-1/2" diameter.

 Misc  Trail Ready

  • 6" High, 6' long Garvin Wilderness Steel Roof Rack (3 mounts a side)

  • Garvin Wilderness Accessories Spare Tire Bracket (made from 1/4" steel with steel locking chain)

  • Garvin Wilderness Accessories Yakima Cross Bar Adapters (being used for a hi-lift mount)

  • Stainless Steel Braided brake hoses all around, with protective outer coating, custom made 6" longer with racing style connects from Earl's Performance Parts. Dropped front mounts.

  • Two 6", 100W Explorer Pro-Comp, Two 6" Eagle Off-Road Lights Off-Road Lights

  • Grant Classic Chrome Spoke Steering Wheel (2" smaller then stock)
  • Thermometer, clock, two sets of auto-tire deflators, magnetic flashlight, headlamp flashlight, ect, ect

  • Cut the front fenders even with lights, and folded all fenders under an inch or two.

  • Back-up alert bulb from JC-Whitney

  • Head rests from my old 1988 XJ.

  • No headliner, bad paint job by previous owner, lots-o-dents and scratches, those last two build character

  • Use to have on Custom 4X4 Fabrication front tow hook mounts (chrome tow hooks). Replaced with Michael's Welding Urban Assult front winch bumper and guard, black, procomp tow hooks.

  • Mopar rear tow hook mount (chrome tow hook),

  • 48" Hi-Lift jack,

  • 10LB Portable Air Tank (C02) ready for air tools/tire filler,

  • Clinometer

  • Stuff I Got with Me: Air Ratchet, Impact Wrench, Filled toolbox (screwdrivers, 200 piece mechanic's tool set, end wrenches) sledgehammer, deadblow hammer, drive-punch set, center-punch, breaker bar, helwig spring repair kit, 4-ton come along, 2 stock jacks, 4-ton bottle jack, hacksaw blades, electrical tape, duct tape, wiring kit, 1 million candle spot light, lots of fluids, etc, etc.),

  • Misc Parts: Spare ProComp lower arms, and 2 sets of bushings, spare trac-bar, spare upper arms, spare steering, full set of axles/hubs, spare leaf spring, spare leaf spring centering pins, u-joints, misc spare bolts, blah, blah, blah.

 Armor  Wheels & Tires


  • Old (Pratically antique) Midland CB, roof mounted black Comtelco CB Whip.

  • Icom (IC-207H) Dual Band Ham (2M/440Mhz) with remove face mounted below console, custom bracket, safari rack mounted antenna, custom bracket (more on the brackets later).

  • Uniden Eco-Trek FRS (400-2) 14 channel handheld FRS radio (2-Mile/50 Hour Range) with Sportclip , and it was 5 bucks with no rebates!


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