Tech - Tow Hooks Install

Mounting tow hooks to a Jeep Cherokee is a fairly simple process. Proper tow points are a must
if you plan on any type of wheeling. What happens if you get stuck?! Pull on the axle? I think not,
there is no place to put a recovery (tow) strap on the front of an XJ, so you need to purchase tow hook mounts.
You can get factory mounts from a junkyard, or an aftermarket company, such as Custom 4X4,
Rusty's Off-Road, etc, etc. Visit the link section for their sites. The ones pictured are from Custom 4X4.

 Step 1. Remove the bumper: You may need an extra hand here, but deffinatly when putting the bumper back on. For ease, you can disconnect the auxilary lights, if you have them. Also, there is a vacuum canister on the pasenger side, which is held to the bumper by two small screws on the bottom side.

 The Bumper is held on by these brackets, 3 bolts.

 Step 2. Remove these mounts from the bumper.

 Take the larger mount from your tow hook mount kit, and slide it along the outside, where your bumpers mounts were. The long peice should face back, and you should see it in the fender well. Place the longest bolt through here, there is a hole in the frame for this.

 Place the bumper mount on the outside of the main peice, and put one of the stock bolts back into the frame, do not tighten in it, enough to support it. Put it in the whole that is closest to the engine. Then take the L shaped bracket and place it as shown, make a little metal sandwhich and put the other two bolts in.

 Place two more bolts into the front on the L bracket. Again, do not tighten anything down, just get it threaded, if you tighten anything down, nothing will sinch down properly, like tightening lug nuts.


 Repeat on otherside. The drivers side is a tad more difficult. The steering box amongst other things are always in the way of yer nuts.

Just get out the elbrow grease, and be careful if you are using air tools, a slip of the wrench will take your hand flying into everything possible.

Take my example [ warning, not for the faint of heart ;) ]

 Now before you put your bumper back on. You have to figure out how the hooks will fit. You have two options, remove the air damn completley (the bottom plastic peice) or cut holes in it (what I did this time). You need not to put the hooks on now, and you shouldn't eatheir. Do what I say, not as I do!

 Tighten everything down snug. Take a laugh at how dirty, and greasy, and all the cuts you got. Ask for a hand and put the bumper back on.

 Then the last task is to get some tow hooks and put those beut's on!

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